January Wishlist

I am a vivid window shopper and I often find myself with way too many tabs open on my browser, to then end up closing them all when I realise I’m trying to save money for future projects. But here are some things that I have kept in my favourites for this month. Maybe I’ll have a « treat yo’ self » moment and end up buying some of these things at some point.

1. Drop Dead x Game of Thrones capsule collection – Sigils Hoodie£48
Although this collection came out a while ago. I instantly fell in love with this hoodie. I’m a huge GoT fan. It’s currently on sale and I’m so tempted.

2. Kat Von D’s Sinner Eau De Parfum19,90€ to 79,50€
Although I still haven’t got the chance to smell this perfume yet. I already feel like I’m going to love it. I think this might be one of my next purchases from Sephora!

3. Intuos Draw Tablet from Wacom69,90€
I’ve had my current Wacom tablet for a long time now. And although I still use it nearly everyday for work, I think it’s time for a new one.

4. All Fired Up Biker Jacket from Killstar£129.99
This jacket was made for me. Twin Peaks is my all time favourite series. I could talk about it for hours, I especially loved the fire walk with me backpatch. When I saw this jacket on Killstar’s website, I was ready to order it straight away, and then I saw the price. Maybe one day this perfect jacket will be mine…

5. Rune ring in Old Steel from Rogue + Wolf£27.00
I love everything on the Rogue + Wolf site, but there’s something about this ring that I love. The shape and the colour are super pretty.

6. Desolation dragon black gothic ring from Shopdixi€22.56
Can you tell I want to get some new rings? Shopdixi has so many lovely things. Especially their rings, so many options and super affordable. I love the look of this one, the black stone and dragon head details are very… me.

7. YES, PLEASE! Shadow Palette from Colourpop$16
I have yet to try colourpop’s makeup, but I’ve heard so many good things about it. My everyday make up mainly consists of orange and browns, so this palette is perfect for me. I’ve also been wanting to try yellow eyeshadow for a while now.

8. Kitty ears for Razer Kraken23,99€
When I saw Pewdiepie wearing these in one of his videos, I instantly went to Razer’s website to see where I can get them. Although I do prefer the quartz pink model more than on my neon purple. (I must not buy another Razer headset just for the colour…)

9. Overwatch D.Va Statue$450
I’m not going to lie, If I didn’t have a student loan and could afford this I would have bought it in a heartbeat. D.VA is obviously my favourite Overwatch character, and this statue is so freaking cute. Unfortunately, I think this is something I won’t be purchasing any time soon…


Dark Lands

I once again got the chance to shoot with DASKA Photography about a month ago. As usual, I love the photos he took and obviously had to share them! My amazing make up is done by Helene Gasnier, Who also helped keep me warm and put my fake nails on every time they fell off. I really recommend checking out both of their work as they are both very talented artists.

Witchy Vibes ◦ Lookbook

I have always been a fan of dark and spooky photography, so last month I got to shoot with DASKA Photography and channeled my inner witch. I’m in love with my makeup (even if I do say so myself !) I did for these photos, I used my Naked Smoky palette from Urban Decay, along with a black Kajal eyeliner on the lips. Although after these photos I think I need to get my hands on Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the colour Witches!Everything I’m wearing is from Shein, a black crisscross bodysuit underneath and a black lace beach dress over the top. I love how these looked together and although it’s probably not suitable for everyday wear, It’s perfect for Halloween !

Direwolf ◦ Lookbook

So a few months ago I received an email from Spirithoods saying that the Direwolf shawl was in stock. After hesitating about spending quite a lot of money on something so quickly for a total of one day, I ordered this beautiful hood from their website. Despite the fact that the shipping to France isn’t the cheapest, and with all the import tax what hurt a bit, This accessory is so so perfect. My first reaction was to how soft it is. Not to forget how well made and luxurious it feels on. I do not regret one bit this purchase.

I paired this hood with this caged dress from Boohoo.com and a black skirt I bought from ebay a while ago to make this outfit a bit less formal. Also I would like to thank Pablo Delacour for these photos !