February Playlist

Hello internet. I’ve recently started a new job so I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to take any new pictures, I will be doing so soon though promise! Today I wanted to share some songs I’ve been loving at the moment, and maybe help you discover some new artists which I love.

1. The Regrettes – Come Through
So this song only came out the other day, but I’ve already played it so many times. It’s got such a catchy beat and the video/aesthetic is just perfect. I loved The Regrettes first album « Feel Your Feelings Fool! » and I definitely believe that this is a band to keep an eye out for in 2018.

2. Don Broco – Technology
I actually saw Don Broco as the support band for 5SOS about 2 years ago in Paris. I instantly fell in love with their sound, they recently released their new album « Technology » and it’s one of the best albums out there at the moment. Every track is so unique and the promotion of this album was so strange and wonderful (just watch their most recent videos, you’ll see what I mean).

3. Paramore: Rose-Colored Boy
I’ve loved Paramore for a very long time now. Ever since Riot they have continued to put out amazing and catchy songs. Their new album « After Laughter » is very different from their older stuff, but in no way not as amazing. An upbeat album about not so upbeat feelings. After seeing them play in Paris last month, I’ve re-fallen in love with them again.

Waterparks – Lucky People
I’ve been fan of Waterparks for a long time now and I’m so happy they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Their new album « Entertainment » is a perfect Pop/Rock soundtrack and definitely worth a listen.


January Wishlist

I am a vivid window shopper and I often find myself with way too many tabs open on my browser, to then end up closing them all when I realise I’m trying to save money for future projects. But here are some things that I have kept in my favourites for this month. Maybe I’ll have a « treat yo’ self » moment and end up buying some of these things at some point.

1. Drop Dead x Game of Thrones capsule collection – Sigils Hoodie£48
Although this collection came out a while ago. I instantly fell in love with this hoodie. I’m a huge GoT fan. It’s currently on sale and I’m so tempted.

2. Kat Von D’s Sinner Eau De Parfum19,90€ to 79,50€
Although I still haven’t got the chance to smell this perfume yet. I already feel like I’m going to love it. I think this might be one of my next purchases from Sephora!

3. Intuos Draw Tablet from Wacom69,90€
I’ve had my current Wacom tablet for a long time now. And although I still use it nearly everyday for work, I think it’s time for a new one.

4. All Fired Up Biker Jacket from Killstar£129.99
This jacket was made for me. Twin Peaks is my all time favourite series. I could talk about it for hours, I especially loved the fire walk with me backpatch. When I saw this jacket on Killstar’s website, I was ready to order it straight away, and then I saw the price. Maybe one day this perfect jacket will be mine…

5. Rune ring in Old Steel from Rogue + Wolf£27.00
I love everything on the Rogue + Wolf site, but there’s something about this ring that I love. The shape and the colour are super pretty.

6. Desolation dragon black gothic ring from Shopdixi€22.56
Can you tell I want to get some new rings? Shopdixi has so many lovely things. Especially their rings, so many options and super affordable. I love the look of this one, the black stone and dragon head details are very… me.

7. YES, PLEASE! Shadow Palette from Colourpop$16
I have yet to try colourpop’s makeup, but I’ve heard so many good things about it. My everyday make up mainly consists of orange and browns, so this palette is perfect for me. I’ve also been wanting to try yellow eyeshadow for a while now.

8. Kitty ears for Razer Kraken23,99€
When I saw Pewdiepie wearing these in one of his videos, I instantly went to Razer’s website to see where I can get them. Although I do prefer the quartz pink model more than on my neon purple. (I must not buy another Razer headset just for the colour…)

9. Overwatch D.Va Statue$450
I’m not going to lie, If I didn’t have a student loan and could afford this I would have bought it in a heartbeat. D.VA is obviously my favourite Overwatch character, and this statue is so freaking cute. Unfortunately, I think this is something I won’t be purchasing any time soon…

2018 Resolutions

Although we are already half way through January 2018, I thought I would share some of my resolutions for this year. Last year wasn’t the best of years, so here are some goals I’m setting myself for the new year!

+ Travel More
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to travel as much as I would have hoped to in my early 20’s, but this year I’m planning to travel a bit more (even if it’s just around France/UK). I might not be able to afford the dream trip to Japan this year, but I am still looking forward to discovering new places around me!

+ Up my workout game!
I keep saying I’m going to stick to a decent workout routine and then give up just as quickly. But this year I want to stay fit by exercising regularly and continuing to eat healthy. Hopefully I can stick to this!

+ Create More!
Last year I offically starting working for myself as a freelance graphic designer and animator. Making art is something I love doing, and I hope this year I can create more than ever.

+ Volunteer more
About two years ago I started volenteering walking dogs in a shelter not far from me, along with helping out with any poster designs to help find forever homes for the pups. This year I want to continue helping out as much as I can in different shelters around me. (I wish I could adopt them all but I don’t think Louga would be too impressed!)

What are your resolutions for this year?