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February Playlist

Hello internet. I’ve recently started a new job so I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to take any new pictures, I will be doing so soon though promise! Today I wanted to share some songs I’ve been loving at the moment, and maybe help you discover some new artists which I love. 1. […]


January Wishlist

I am a vivid window shopper and I often find myself with way too many tabs open on my browser, to then end up closing them all when I realise I’m trying to save money for future projects. But here are some things that I have kept in my favourites for this month. Maybe I’ll […]

2018 Resolutions

Although we are already half way through January 2018, I thought I would share some of my resolutions for this year. Last year wasn’t the best of years, so here are some goals I’m setting myself for the new year! + Travel More Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to travel as much as I would […]


Dark Lands

I once again got the chance to shoot with DASKA Photography about a month ago. As usual, I love the photos he took and obviously had to share them! My amazing make up is done by Helene Gasnier, Who also helped keep me warm and put my fake nails on every time they fell off. I really […]

Witchy Vibes ◦ Lookbook

I have always been a fan of dark and spooky photography, so last month I got to shoot with DASKA Photography and channeled my inner witch. I’m in love with my makeup (even if I do say so myself !) I did for these photos, I used my Naked Smoky palette from Urban Decay, along with a […]

Direwolf ◦ Lookbook

So a few months ago I received an email from Spirithoods saying that the Direwolf shawl was in stock. After hesitating about spending quite a lot of money on something so quickly for a total of one day, I ordered this beautiful hood from their website. Despite the fact that the shipping to France isn’t […]

My Lush Skincare Routine

When it comes to my skin care routine, Lush is a strong leader with the products I use. Back in summer 2015, my skin decided to break out in the worst way possible. Not being used to this as I usually suffer from really dry skin, I tried out every product from the supermarket possible. Surprise, surprise, […]