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What is the you that you dreamed of?

I’ve been trying to wear a lot less black recently, and my go to colour has been yellow/orange. This skirt is probably one of my favourite things I own at the moment. Although I might have to wait until it warms up again to start wearing it.

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Forever Autumn

Who needs a new year to start fresh. I’ve changed the design of my blog and I’m motivated to post more often. I won’t be writing long articles cause it’s not really my thing, but I want to share more photos and what I’m into at the moment. Here are some photos from a few months ago when it was warmer, I love the beginning of autumn because the temperature is perfect and everything is orange and brown.


Dark Lands

I once again got the chance to shoot with DASKA Photography about a month ago. As usual, I love the photos he took and obviously had to share them! My amazing make up is done by Helene Gasnier, Who also helped keep me warm and put my fake nails on every time they fell off. I really recommend checking out both of their work as they are both very talented artists.